WMD Fight Gear (aka Weapons of Mass Destruction) is an Australian premier MMA and Boxing equipment brand. We specialize in producing great quality products at sensible prices. We are a proud Australian brand that have endorsements from UFC, Strikeforce and MMA legend fighters and continue to support our local industry.

We are a passionate brand that love the martial arts and fitness industry. So much so that it resulted in WMD being born from frustration due to a lack of Australian brands that supply great quality gear at sensible prices.

WMD Fight Gear was born in 2008. With the rise and debate of MMA being a viable sporting alternative to mainstream combat sports – a shift in Australian martial arts and fitness was inevitable. Fast forward to the present, MMA has become a multi-million dollar industry with the thick of it in entertainment. In terms of product and apparel brands, Australia did not really have any local brands, especially during a time of much debate on MMA and the future of boxing.

Through countless sponsorships with fighters, shows and events. WMD Fight Gear has grown organically and have been able to work with the best in the martial arts, fitness and boxing industry.

Our products developed have met the needs from the basic individual reaching up to the most elite level fighters of our present time.

We are proud to have sensible prices that encourage individuals to achive their goals. We thank the over priced brands that lack quality – because it gives people an opportunity to find brands like WMD and to be satisfied.

WMD – Weapons of Mass Destruction is an Australian MMA/Boxing brand that represents quality, integrity, dedication and fairness. Our products deliver these along with the prices you expect.